by Dr. Karla Scott

Weight Loss/Nutrition Center/Colon Hydro Therapy
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Customer Testimonials

"Karla has truly helped change my life. I am very young and unfortunately many diseases run in my family from heart disease to diabetes and high blood pressure. I was beginning to develop huge veins on the back of my legs that could be fatal if I had not lost the weight. She has helped inform me as well as make me alert on the kinds of things I was eating. Positivity and confidence are some other things she has brought upon my life and I thank her for this fantastic lifestyle change! I recommend her to anyone truly looking for a way out of the traditional (toxic) american diet and lifestyle."

                 -Kelsey Jackson

"Karla is a very positive, motivating and was excited to see me succeed and accomplish some of my goals. Upon starting this program, I had hope of losing weight, learning better eating habits and just feeling better about myself and the way I look. I am looking forward to my continuous weight loss journey and learning more information about the things I am and should not be putting into my body."

                     -Shelley Zviskas

"Karla has helped me work towards my weight loss goals by providing helpful information and motivated me to change my eating habits. I am now a lot more aware of the foods I am putting into my body. Karla is very positive, motivating and she truly wants to see me succeed. I would recommend her to everyone as she's such a joy to be around." 

                            -Dawna Ceballos 

"My top three goals upon starting this life-changing 6-month program were to lose weight, feel better about myself and to look better. Karla has helped me work towards all 3 of these goals by keeping me accountable (weigh-ins), providing me with encouragement as well as her professional mannerisms. I have lost almost half of my weight goal so far and I feel capable to use the learned tools and skills to eventually change my lifestyle. Karla is very approachable and she listens to one's concerns and needs, I would recommend her to anyone trying to lose weight or change their lifestyle."

                      -Norma Ayala-Rosa